2020 Visionary Award Recipient

Patti Warashina

Patti Warashina, called the queen of Northwest ceramics, was born in 1940 and lives and still works in Seattle, Washington. She is internationally recognized for her refined sculptures that helped expand the boundaries of clay as an art medium. She began teaching in 1964 and has taught at Wisconsin State University, Eastern Michigan University, the Cornish School of Allied Arts, and the University of Washington. During the 1970s and 1980s, Warashina, Robert Sperry, and Howard Kottler ran the ceramics program at the University of Washington’s School of Art, growing it into one of the best-known in the United States.

Patti’s work is often humorous, and she uses sculpture to explore such themes as the human condition, feminism, the macho car-culture, and political and social topics.She often places clay figures in imagined environments to tell stories.

Pattis’s work is in the permanent collections of more than twenty museums in the U.S., Asia, England, and Australia. She has received numerous awards and in 2005, was interviewed for Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art.

For more information on Patti Warashina, please see links below: https://pattiwarashina.com/home.html