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Why Support the Smithsonian Women’s Committee Fundraising Efforts

The Smithsonian Women’s Committee (SWC) is an all-volunteer organization founded in 1966 to raise funds for the Smithsonian Institution through special activities. SWC Members work yearround on two major fundraising endeavors to benefit the Smithsonian.

The SWC produces two annual public events to raise funds to support its grants:

Proceeds from the Smithsonian Craft Show and the Craft2Wear Show fund SWC grants. The annual spring Smithsonian Craft Show is regarded as the nation’s premier juried exhibition and sale of fine American craft. The fall Craft2Wear Show is wearable art, jewelry, and clothing from artists previously juried into the Craft Show.

The SWC grants support a variety of Smithsonian projects:

Federal funding, which partially supports the Smithsonian, is expected to decrease, perhaps significantly, in coming years, which will put more pressure on raising private funds for the Institution. SWC grants focus on supporting small, but critical educational, research, conservation and outreach programs within the Smithsonian complex of 19 museums, scientific facilities, and the National Zoo through the SWC’s grant-making process. The SWC seeks to support projects that often have difficulty finding funding elsewhere but are deemed vital by the museum or its research directors.

Each year the SWC solicits proposals from the Smithsonian community. Through a rigorous 5- months process, teams of SWC members review the proposals, interview the candidates and select those that best meet SWC guidelines and objectives to expand public access to the Smithsonian’s vast collections, research and educational resources. To date, the SWC has supported the Smithsonian with grants totaling over $12 million.

The SWC forges partnerships with individuals, foundations and corporations to ensure that remarkable opportunities and programs do not fall between the cracks. Please support the SWC so that together we may ensure that America’s most accomplished museum and research complex is vibrant and remains open and uniquely free-of-charge to both our citizens and visitors from around the globe.